Jul 7 - Aug 12  •  2017

SONNETS: Julia Galloway & Stephanie J. Frostad

Exhibit Preview: July 6, 4 - 7pm

Meet the artists, enjoy a refreshment, and avoid the First Friday crowds! We'll raise our glasses to this remarkable show at 6pm.

First Friday Opening: July 7, 11am - 8pm

The show’s official first day coincides with July’s art walk, so stroll over to Radius for some serious eye candy.

Open House: July 8, 10am - 3pm

Stop by for coffee and treats from Missoula's Saturday market.

Artist Talk: July 25, 5:30pm

Join us in the gallery for a conversation with Julia and Stephanie.

The title of the show takes its inspiration from the opening line of an 1880 poem by D.G. Rossetti: “A Sonnet is a moment’s monument…”. Each in her own way, Frostad and Galloway honor life’s quiet interludes, moments of reflection and rumination. Frostad’s narrative paintings often depict figures on the verge of action, their minds full of anticipation, consequences looming. Galloway’s illustrated pottery celebrates—on its surfaces as well as in its utility—life’s simple pleasures, reminding us of the thoughtfulness and dignity inherent in our diurnal routines.

Artist bios: Julia GallowayStephanie J. Frostad

Stephanie J. Frostad

As a narrative painter my objective is to present the essential elements of a story: a character or two, a sense of place and time, a moment of connection, tension or reflection. I seek figures and scenarios that are both personally compelling and socially relevant. With measures of clarity and ambiguity I hope to create imaginative space for viewers to bring their own perspectives into the tale.

In the past year I have been testing the fundamental methods and materials of my artistic practice. Among other things, I’ve sought to bring my love of drawing and its directness of application into painting. A desire to increase immediacy of expression—without sacrificing the refinements I also enjoy— guides my efforts to evolve creatively. My sensibilities and vision are shifting with the various results of experimentation. I continue to question what feels authentic to me now, and effective as a means of communicating my concerns.

My enduring interests include the traditions, stereotypes and myths that shape identity as well as our relationships to home and family, to labor, communityand the natural world. I explore these with equal interest in the actual and the metaphorical, striving to combine reverent naturalism with evocative symbolism.

Stephanie J. Frostad studied at Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy, and at the Maryland Institute’s College of Art, receiving a BFA in 1990. Her training continued at the University of Montana where she earned an MFA in 1994. She has exhibited throughout the US and abroad in Canada, China, Italy and New Zealand. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections including the University of Washington Medical Center, the University of Victoria, the Montana Museum of Art & Culture and the Missoula Art Museum. Frostad received a Montana Arts Council Individual Artist’s Fellowship in 1994. Born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington, Frostad now lives and works in Missoula.

Julia Galloway

I find handmade pottery to be naturally rich in ideas and metaphor. Pottery seeps into our houses, our kitchens; it weaves into our daily lives through use, and decorates our living spaces with character and elegance. Pottery is joyous. Pottery is a reflection of our reality, our fantasy and ourselves.

I make pottery out of porcelain clay. It is extremely sensitive and responsive to the human touch when it’s soft; when fired it becomes dense and strong. It is this responsive nature of clay that continues to interest me. It responds to my touch, then I respond to it. The same happens in the firing process with glaze materials and the atmosphere of the kiln. Clay is a supportive and demanding medium for the creative journey of making.

I am insistent about making things with my hands. A need for beautiful domestic objects and an instinctual drive to create things are tremendous dance partners for idea and desire. Utilitarian pottery supports and represents our intimate rituals of nourishment and celebration.

Julia Galloway is a Professor at the University of Montana in Missoula. Born and raised in Boston, she did her graduate studies at the University of Colorado, her BFA at New York State College of Art & Design at Alfred University, and studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design as well as Massachusetts College of Art. Galloway’s work has been exhibited across the US, Canada, and Asia. It is included in the collections of the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Long Beach Art Museum, the Huntington Museum of Art, the Archie Bray Foundation and several other fine institutions. Galloway’s work has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, Art and Perception, Clay Times as well as several books about pottery and craft. She is the author of two service-based websites: Montana Clay and The Field Guide for Ceramics Artisans.



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