Aug 18 - Sep 23  •  2017

COMPOSITIONS: Catherine Earle, Trey Hill, Jennifer Eli French & Crystal Morey

Opening Reception: Aug 18, 5-8pm

This year’s COMPOSITIONS series features 2D and 3D work by four superb artists. Catherine Earle’s acrylic paintings pay tribute to the animal kingdom with lush imagery that is simultaneously precise, spontaneous and spirited. With his conceptual ceramic sculptures, Trey Hill explores the limits and possibilities of what and how we see, with forms that are graceful and otherworldly. Jennifer Eli French’s surreal and sublime works in acrylic spring from her affection for folk tales, medieval art, Victorian portraiture and the Western landscapes of her childhood. And finally, with her exquisitely crafted, alluring porcelain figures, Crystal Morey examines our complex relationship to animals, as well as humankind’s accelerating impact on the natural world.

Artist bios: EarleHillFrenchMorey

Trey Hill

Trey Hill has a BFA from Bowling Green State University and an MFA from San Jose State University. His work has appeared in galleries and museums around the world. He has been an artist-in-residence at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT; the LH Project in Joseph, OR; Da Wang Cultural Highlands in DaWang, China; HAP Studios in Beijing, China; Fule International Ceramic Art Museum in Fuping, China; and the Roja Art Lab in Roja, Latvia. Hill is an Associate Professor at The University of Montana where he teaches ceramics and sculpture.

Hill writes, "Many classical Greek and Roman sculptures are built with a support, a carved stone element typically in the shape of a tree trunk that supports the weight of the figure and allows the sculpture to stand. The support is meant to be inconspicuous, unseen—yet it is instrumental to the form. In my current work I use the tree element as a metaphor for what goes unseen but is essential to our existence. Other pieces use anatomical fragments, recognizable figures and forms, composed to raise and reflect complex inquiries into sight and attraction. My work hints at a deeper view, a silent demand, and celebrates the unseen."

Catherine Earle

Catherine Earle was born and raised on a flower farm in Nimes, France. She studied at l’École des Beaux-Arts, a school whose history spans more than 350 years, attended by many of the great artists in Europe. Her paintings have appeared in exhibitions across the US, and in 2015 Earle was featured in Western Art and Architecture’s "In the Studio" series. She currently lives in Sandpoint, ID, with her two daughters.

Inspiration for Earle’s paintings began in early childhood. For her, the natural world was and remains endlessly inspiring. Her earliest watercolors and encaustic works pulsed with ethereal color-spirals and organic lifeforms morphing into one another. The plants and animals that appear in Earle’s paintings now blossom, buzz and sing against abstract backgrounds that are themselves distinctly organic. Developed with little planning, her images emerge out of a natural process fueled by intuition, mark-making and observation. Using acrylic, Earle employes watercolor and encaustic techniques, meticulously adding and obscuring layers such that light seems to glow from within the canvas.

Jennifer Eli French

Jennifer Eli French was born in Denver, Colorado, and moved frequently while growing up. After attending high school in England, she earned a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and settled on the East Coast. Every summer throughout her nomadic childhood, she returned to a ranch in Montana that has been in her family for four generations. After twenty years in New England, she moved back to Billings where she currently lives with her husband and twin sons.

In her work French incorporates acrylics, collage and found objects to create paintings that are at once familiar and mysterious, nostalgic and surreal. For the pieces in this show, she drew inspiration and subject matter from a far-ranging and eclectic set of sources, including summertime in Eastern Montana, Angela Carter short stories, homesteading, Lizzie Borden, insomnia, and the upcoming solar eclipse. They portray the intersection between the animal kingdom and the human realm, and our often fraught relationship with the natural world.

Crystal Morey

Crystal Morey received her BFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the California College of the Arts and her MFA in Spatial Art from San Jose State University. Her work has been featured in New Age of Ceramics, 500 Figures in Clay, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, American Art Collector, Hey Magazine, Palace Costas, and Sculpture Review. Morey has been an artist-in-residence at the LH Project, Watershed, and Penland School of Craft. Currently living in Oakland, California, she maintains an active studio practice exhibiting her work in galleries and museums internationally.

"Humankind has become the driving influence and force behind natural evolution,” writes Morey. “We are able to alter single cells as well as entire ecosystems. Intentionally or unintentionally, we are rapidly affecting changes to the environment that would have taken natural processes millennia. Through these actions we are leaving many vulnerable species and habitats frantic, facing disruptions and uncertainty. In my work I investigate these actions while also creating a narrative that depicts our connections to the land and animals around us."



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